Bienair ENT Surgical Drills and Consumables

Founded in 1959 in Switzerland by Mr David Mossimann, Bien-Air Surgical is a family owned business, now run by the son of Mr Vincent Mossimann. Originally only associated with the dental market of premier drills, motors and consumables; it wasn’t until 1992 when in conjunction with the famous professor Ugo Fisch the first specialised ENT electric surgical drill system was released.

With a keen eye on quality and cost effective solutions in ENT and head and neck surgery Bien-Air was a perfect fit with our current portfolio, which now includes many innovations in ENT burrs, debriders and drills. Delta Surgical have distributed Bien-Air since May 2012, who have had a long standing customer base in the UK for over 15 years

Along with Bien-Air, Delta are excited to announce the latest innovative addition to the Bien-Air range of surgical ENT power tools; the new Powered Micro Saw (PMS) Rhinoplasty set. This unique, precise, fast and safe technique has been developed to reduce the associated patient risks with manual osteotomies. It is well known that blunt force fractures seldom permit fine and precise bone reduction, the PMS Rhinoplasty technique has become the best alternative to manual bone removal.

Click Here to have a look at the PMS Rhinoplasty in action.

“The PMS Rhinoplasty System is the first of a number of new products from the manufacturer that we will introduce this year and I feel sure the other innovations and product developments we have coming soon in Otology and Neurotology will be as well received.” Jon Humble, Sales Manager

rhinoplasty in use diagram

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