GelitaCel® CA Powder: fast, guaranteed haemostasis

GelitaCel® CA Powder is a sterile bioresorbable haemostat designed for the control of capillary or parenchymatous bleeding from wound tissue. The haemostatic effect is immediate by spraying the powder over the bleeding site. On saturation with blood the powder crystallizes into a sticky, yellowish/grey layer. In Neurosurgery applications the excess of powder can be easily flushed away by means of standard irrigation technique.


The powder is applied by spraying it over the surface using the specifically designed harmonica applicator. Removal of the excess material is by means of standard flushing/irrigation.


Neurosurgery: The GelitaCel®-CA Powder is especially suitable for vulnerable applications on the brain parenchyma, cranial nerves, the brainstem (where surgical manipulation may lead to neuronal damage) or on the Dura mater. When using a very fine layer it will not clog up openings in the nervous system such as an aqueduct, obex and ventricles.

Spinal surgery: Easy application in narrow or difficult to reach areas between bones as in discectomies, laminectomies and on irregular bone surfaces.

Take a look at the video of GelitaCel®-CA powder in use;


‘No-Touch-Technique’ - for application as well as removal

No remaining particles after flushing

No potential clogging of cerebral ventricles and/or suction device

No swelling

Calcium powder has an additional beneficial effect on haemostasis

GelitaCel® CA Powder is now used across the UK in many neurosurgical units and offers neurosurgeons a fast resorbable and guaranteed hemostat, with no risk of encapsulation. It can be applied to large areas of cerebral tissue such as a tumor bed preventing post-operative oozing and bleeding.

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