NEW- Nemos t-VNS treatment for Epilepsy

The NEW Nemos transcutaneous vagal nerve stimulation device (t-VNS) is used for the treatment of epilepsies. It stimulates a branch of the vagal nerve that runs through the outer ear, by passing electrical impulses through an ear piece. These electrical impulses then travel along nerve fibres to the brain stem where they activate higher centres in the brain associated with an anti-convulsive effect.

This non-surgical treatment works on the same areas of the brain that invasive vagal nerve surgery stimulates, but without the risks associated with major surgery.

The stimulation is done remotely by the patient in sessions totalling 4 hours per day. The device is about the same size as a mobile phone and the earpiece is discreet enough that it just looks like the user is wearing headphones.

This innovative epilepsy treatment will shortly be launching in the UK and Delta Surgical are proud to be the exclusive UK distributors for this product.

Please look out for more information coming soon…