New varicose vein technology creates opportunities for both practitioners and patients

New technology for the treatment of varicose veins has completely transformed the way this condition is managed over the last 10 years.

Although there is still anecdotal evidence of some GP ‘blind spots’ around the UK, most family doctors have grasped that GA and surgery followed by a long and often painful recovery period is no longer required for almost all varicose veins.

EVLA and VNUS treatments – relatively quick outpatient or ‘office’ type procedures – have been used for several years now to remove varicose veins.

Now – just as the NHS seems to be withdrawing from varicose vein treatment in many parts of the UK – along comes ClariVein, a rapid treatment of varicose veins.

ClariVein has a LOT going for it. It requires just a single local anaesthetic injection – good news for the many needle-phobic patients out there – it does not involve tumescent anaesthesia (as no laser, therefore no heat, is involved) and the procedure is quick, virtually painless and cosmetically successful.

Delta Surgical recently published the first two-year case study showing that there had been no reappearance of a varicose vein some two years after treatment with ClariVein.

Although some NHS hospitals are investing in ClariVein technology, CCGs are the gatekeepers when it comes to commissioning decisions and, given the current state of NHS finances, it seems unlikely that many patients will receive the benefit of ClariVein treatment on the NHS.

This is an opportunity for appropriately-qualified and experienced vein specialists, working either in independent clinics or private hospitals, to build a successful and sought-after treatment using ClariVein technology.

But this is also an opportunity for those patients, men and women, who struggle daily with the all too real symptoms of varicose veins, to change their lives for the better – quickly, safely and at a reasonable cost.

Because if non-surgical interventions are NOT available locally from the NHS, patients will find a competitive ClariVein market out there with independent practitioners offering treatment at prices designed to attract even people living 80 or 90 miles away, not just locally.

So if you are not able to benefit from ClariVein on the NHS, do your research and shop around. Someone, somewhere, will have a ClariVein solution that is right for your condition and right for your pocket.

A local ClariVein Clinic finder is available here