NICE SUPPORTS MOCA | For the treatment of varicose veins


As of May 2016 NICE released new guidelines in support of MOCA as a successful and accepted treatment for varicose veins

What does this mean…….?

Mechanochemical ablation as a treatment has now been listed as a proven safe treatment for the closure of varicose veins due to collective information gathered from patients treated previously under auditable measures.

Mechanochemical ablation in comparison to other treatment options scores very well in certain areas such pain during the procedure and post procedure. Closure rates are excellent and of course with ClariVein there is no use of tumescent anaesthesia which greatly improves recovery time and comfort.

Excellent news!


Endovenous Mechanical Ablation for Varicose Veins

NICE - Interventional procedure guidance

Published May 25th 2016