On the Road: Showcasing ROWENA and Promed at NANSIG Saturday 16th January 2016

To compliment Mr Ashpole’s informative talk about ROWENA, Kate set up an excellent exhibition stand which included both the Adult and Paediatric ROWENA Heads including varying brains and of course these were displayed in action with our Promed Headrest and Cranial Stabilisation systems including the LUNA System.

There was an excellent turnout on the day with lots of interest generated about our products, take a look at the link below for a full set of photographs.

SBNS/NANSIG Career Day Jan 2016

ROWENA is a two-part plastic neurosurgical simulator for teaching basic surgical techniques and approaches. It consists of a moulded plastic base with realistic internal skull anatomy on which is fixed a replaceable upper cranium with scalp, bone and dural layers. Inside the skull is a realistic plastic brain.

We see the ROWENA product primarily used for the following steps and procedures-

  • Positioning the head in the 3-point headrest.
  • Making scalp incisions and flaps and using the Raney clips
  • Drilling burr holes using the Hudson brace, a variety of different burrs and perforators, the craniotome or the high speed drill and attachments
  • Catheterising the ventricles / external ventricular drain placement
  • Twist drill holes and ICP monitor placement
  • Turning various bone flaps using Gigli saw and guide, craniotome or high speed drills
  • Hitching and opening the dura plus dural suturing and closure
  • Bone flap fixation techniques including suturing, plates and screws; and various meshes.
  • Skin stapling.
  • In addition it is both CT and MRI compatible and so can be used for Neuronavigation, and there is an ultrasound version for simulating intracranial U/S location

Rowena is available as a basic model, or with a brain with enlarged ventricles, and we also now have a baby version.

Watch this space for further shows with ROWENA and Promed and if you are interested in having any of our products at a meeting, event or exhibition please do let us know!

Images courtesy of John Murray PNJ Photography