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The continuous measurement of the ICP (intracranial pressure) is an invasive procedure used to determine the pressure inside the cranium. Due to the limited expansion capabilities of the brain because of the firm cranium, the ICP increases inside the cranium as the volume increases. Therefore, a precise monitoring of the pressure on the inside of the cranium is very important, because the clinical symptoms are initially unspecific.

Some indications for measuring the ICP are…

Severe craniocerebral injury, significant subarachnoid bleeding, tumors, strokes, hydrocephalus, intraparenchyma and intraventricular cranial bleedings, severe meningitis, reye syndrome, all polytraumatized patients, all coma patients with unknown etiology.

NEUROVENT microchip catheters are used in invasive neurosurgical procedures for the reliable measurement of:

  • ICP (intracranial pressure)
  • ICT (intracranial temperature)
  • ptiO2 (oxygen partial pressure)

ICP is measured using semiconductor pressure sensors. The measurement of oxygen partial pressure takes place using the oxygen quenching process. Consequently the level and changes in the parameters are measured safely, quickly and accurately.

Raumedic offers a wide range of microchip catheters for parenchyma as well as ventricular and epidural pressure measurement.

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