Take a Closer Look at the Bien Air OsseoStap

The OsseoStap handpiece is the ideal extension of your hand, perfectly obeying your will. So natural, that even though you will find it indispensable, you will soon forget it is there. The OsseoStap system has been designed for the micro shaping of bones as part of surgical operations such as a stapedotomy or an ossiculoplasty.

The OsseoStap handpiece is a model of ergonomics; It’s small size and weight of only 60 grams makes it very easy to handle. It’s reinforced and curved front tip ensures easy access to the middle ear plate while offering maximum visibility.

The OsseoStap handpiece incorporates the latest model of the Bien-Air brushless sensorless micromotor. This powerful high-tech micromotor rotates at speeds up to 12,000 rpm, with no vibration or jerking. The burr release button remains highly accessible, without hindering any handling of the instrument. For optimal hygiene in all circumstances, the OsseoStap handpiece, the motor, cable and tools have been designed to withstand repetitive machine washing and sterilisation in autoclave.