The New DORO LUNA Retractor System

The Delta Surgical Team were lucky enough to be invited to Freiburg in Germany for a product demonstration and hands-on workshop with the new Doro Luna Retractor System.

The DORO LUNA Retractor system is used in neurosurgery as a hand support and a brain tissue retractor. This retractor system features the new DORO CORBA Flexible arms which offer 360° rotation for precise positioning. The DORO COBRA Flexible arms can be mounted anywhere on the DORO LUNA Curves and are used with a variety of different sized micro blades.

The DORO LUNA Retractor System offers unparalled flexibility in positioning, allowing unobstructed access to the surgical area and is the most flexible and adaptable retractor system on the market.

Key Features

  • Quick and Easy set up. Attaches directly onto the quick rail
  • Unrivalled flexibility
  • DORO LUNA Curve can be set in any position
  • Hollow stainless steel arms which make them incredibly lightweight
  • Features the new DORO COBRA flexible rotary arms
  • Compatible with DORO Easy-Connect Navigation Adaptors for Stryker, Brainlab and Medtronic

For more enquiries or to request a demonstration, please call 0844 967 1430 or email