We've got you covered

Looking for microscope drapes? We’ve got you covered…yes it’s a bit cheesy, but we have a large range of Zeiss and Leica microscope drapes suitable for your every need!

We offer a range of microscope drapes to cover Zeiss and Leica microscopes, to fit lens sizes of 45mm, 65mm and 68mm. These include Zeiss models such as Opmi®MD/CS/11, 111, ORL, PRO magis, OPMI Neuro, Movena, Sensera, Pro ergo, Pentero, VISU 140/150/160/200/210, all with a 65mm outside diameter or the Opmi®1,6 or 9 with a 45mm outside diameter. Check the outside diameter of your lens and we’ll match it for you!

Giving you a choice in clarity, we supply flat and angled lenses along with standard and glass lenses to fit your microscope drape needs. We offer a complete line of lens units to provide you with greater clarity when performing critical operations.

Applications for Surgical Microscopes

- Ophthalmology
- Neurosurgery
- Spinal surgery
- Orthopaedic surgery
- Plastic reconstructive surgery
- Dental surgery

For any of these, and many more, we have the right combination of drape and lens!

Our extensive equipment drape range doesn’t stop at microscope drapes; we have everything you need to keep your operating room sterile, from light handle covers and camera drapes to banded bags and C Arm drapes.

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