an image of a range of advanced haemostatic products available thro Delta Surgical


Next generation absorbable haemostats,

Gelita Medical specialise in the manufacture of innovative topical absorbable haemostats. Their range of high-quality products are made from the very best natural materials:

  • GelitaSpon® -products are made from pharmaceutical-grade non bovine Gelatin.
  • GelitaCel® products are natural oxidised cellulose on a unique fully re-absorbable alpha grade cotton substrate.
  • Fibrillar products use our proprietary alpha grade cotton substrate to carry the oxidised cellulouse
  • X-sorb offers double density Gelita-Cel like a traditional new knit alternative

The comprehensive Gelita range offers complete haemostasis at a fraction of the market leader’s price. All product ranges have been proven in practice worldwide and are given preference by surgeons and medical staff because they are natural, biodegradable, safe and reliable.

Take a look at some of the reference material available on the Gelita Medical range of haemostats.