Neuro-Monitoring and Drainage

Delta Surgical brings you advanced neuro-monitoring solutions from Raumedic. The ICP is measured using semiconductor pressure sensors and the measurement of oxygen partial pressure takes place using the oxygen quenching process. Consequently the level and changes in the parameters are measured safely, quickly and accurately.

The Neurovent® microchip intracranial pressure catheter range includes:

  • ICP (intracranial pressure) monitoring & drainage
  • ICT (intracranial temperature) monitoring
  • ptiO2 (oxygen partial pressure) monitoring
  • Telemetric ICP measurement

RAUMEDIC offers a wide range of microchip catheters for parenchyma as well as ventricular and epidural pressure measurement, exclusively distributed in the UK by Delta Surgical.

We of an extensive Neuro consumables range focused in CSF drainage from Neuromedex. Within the range one of the highlights is the Ventriguard range of antimicrobial Ventricular catheter’s and drains. The ICP catheters are silver impregnated with competitive pricing and unique clinical benefits which have swiftly increased market share across the UK. The Neuromedex range also includes more general and traditional styles of wound drainage including low vacuum solutions