an image of the  Zoll IVTM machine with man and screen details

Temperature Management

The Thermogard XP System provides precise and efficient management of core patient temperature.

Patient cooling and warming has never been this easy.

Zoll®, the worldwide leader in intravascular temperature management (IVTM) systems, offers the most advanced temperature management system to precisely manage core temperature simply. Unlike old-fashioned external methods of temperature control, Zoll IVTM® enables you to regulate core body temperature from the inside out, using the Thermogard XP® system and our full line of heat exchange central venous catheters.

The technology can be shown to meet the UK resuscitation council guidelines for therapeutic hypothermia post cardiac arrest including TTM, better than any other method or technology. We do this by achieving clinically proven quicker times to target temperature and having more control in our maintenance phase with a tighter temperature control and less temperature under/over shoot.

  • Post Cardiac arrest Titrated temperature management and Hypothermia

  • Titrated hypothermia for ICP management

  • Fever & Hyper pyrexia management

  • Rewarming accidental hypothermia

  • Burns patient temperature regulation