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To provide the very best, ultra-precise, innovative and simple to use microsurgical instruments we turned to the team at Peter Lazic, based in Tuttlingen, Germany. Using state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing processes, each and every product is hand-finished using precision craftsmanship under the microscope. Throughout all stages of manufacturing strict quality controls are followed guaranteeing a consistent, high-quality product.

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We always strive to provide every customer with the very best solution to what are often complex neurosurgical procedures. When it comes to Peter Lazic, we know that’s what we deliver - every time. To speak to one of our clinical product specialists or to order accessories and consumables, please call 01782 637009. Alternatively, send an email by clicking here and we will contact you within 24hrs.​


Aneurysm Clips

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The L-Aneurysm-Clip ® System has been developed for the indication of complex aneurysms. The unique system offers surgeons safety, flexibility and new perspectives.

The system has just one applier for mini, standard and giant clips which avoids confusion and the possibility of improper instrument selection.

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Peter Lazic’s new ‘D’ generation of innovative aneurysm clips combines the benefits of a traditional aneurysm clip with all of the advantages of our L-Aneurysm-Clip®.

The D-Aneurysm-Clip® is the outcome of years of experience in the development and production of aneurysm clip systems.

It can be opened in the same intuitive manner as a traditional aneurysm clip; with the applier engaging the spring from the outside. A notable advantage of this design is that it gives the clip greater stability within the “jaw” of the applier. Combine this with the low profile of the clip, ease of positioning, and one applier working with every size and shape, the D-Clip® becomes the new standard for aneurysm clipping.

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Click to see the D Clip®advantages in action.
For more details call and speak to one of our Peter Lazic product specialists. ​

Skull Closure

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The innovative system for skull closure following a craniotomy.

With the L-Fixation System, the complete closure of the skull does
not require any instruments; thus avoiding the risk of subsequent
injury to the dura, whilst also simplifying the procedure.

Skin irritations and sharp edges are eliminated by having a set breaking point engineered within the thread.

The system is made from unalloyed titanium acc. ISO5832-2 and of titanium alloy (threaded rod and sleeve only) acc. ISO 5832-3.
Both implant materials meet the highest quality requirements and can be used in MR scanners up to 3 Tesla, are non-ferromagnetic and cause only minimal artefact during MR/CT.

1 - SPEED DRILL Retaining / rotation plate with lock for the release of the upper plate and Speed Drill for quick tightening of the plates. It serves as a tool for connecting the upper and lower plate.

2 - UPPER PLATE The upper plate has a material thickness of just 0.3mm for minimal cosmetic impact.

3 - PRE SET BREAKING POINT This eliminates additional devices and is engineered within the thread to eliminate sharp edges.

4 - LOWER PLATE The lower (inner) plate adapts to anatomical conditions therefore eliminating pressure on the dura.



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Visit the Delta Resource Centre, where you can read & download more product details plus related information, (including clinical case studies where available).​

To speak to one of our Söring product specialists about any of the above systems, or to place an order, please call 01782 637009. Alternatively, email by clicking here and we will contact you within 24hrs.​


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