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Black Forest Medical has created the DORO® range of cranial stabilisation and brain retractor systems, offering innovation and ease of use through design, along with the precision of German manufacturing.

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Cranial Stabilisation​

P3a Cranial Stabilisation

Rigid & Non-Invasive Headrest Systems

Firm positioning of the cranium is essential during neurosurgical procedures for patient safety and the overall outcome of the surgical approach, especially when using technologies like microscopes or navigation. The DORO® QR3 Headrest System ensures stability, strength, flexibility and safety via skull pins or non-invasive pads.

P3a Imaging Solutions

Imaging Solutions

Intra-operative imaging during surgical procedures facilitates crucial decision-making by clinicians in-situ. The DORO® LUCENT range allows clear, intra-operative imaging whilst the patient stays fixed in place. Depending on which skull pins are used, the artefact-free image supports innovative surgical approaches.


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The NEW DORO LUCENT® Skull Clamp is the ideal choice for all neurosurgical procedures involving intraoperative Angiography, CT or X-Ray imaging. Its rounded contours and the absence of straight surfaces ensure superior imaging results and make it the most ergonomic device on the market. Manufactured to support exceptional neuronavigational precision, this advanced skull clamp features a smooth and precise ratcheting system and a play-free open / lock mechanism.

Perfect Control and Handling

The new DORO LUCENT® Skull Clamp introduces a unique release mechanism, empowering surgeons to fully self-operate the clamp. Having access to all controls without changing the hand position ensures precise adjustments and an uninterrupted workflow. Interchangeable pin holders allow the right pin configuration for every patient and head size. Dedicated pediatric pin holders, which ensure a safe immobilization of children‘s heads, are available. The clamp excels with it‘s advanced features, making it the best choice for any neurosurgical imaging procedure​​.


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✅ Unmatched Usabilty

✅ Outstanding Imaging Quality

✅ Dedicated Paediatric Pin Holders


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P3a Skull Pins and Adaptors


Skull Pins, Non Invasive Pads and Adaptors

Both the DORO® QR3 and Lucent systems are backed by a comprehensive array of adaptors to fit your operating table and procedure requirements. They also have a range of disposable and reusable skull pins plus non-invasive pads, dependent upon your needs.




P3a BFM pin Lucent



The combination of the new DORO LUCENT® Skull Clamp with the DORO LUCENT® Skull Pins unveils an unparalleled level of detail and accuracy, providing unmatched support to neurosurgeons and their teams during intra-operative CT imaging procedures. When used together, it is possible to eliminate nearly all imaging artefacts, which leads to a remarkable clarity of the resulting images.


Brain Retractor Systems

P3a Brain Retractor Systems

Surgeries are often connected to time critical, stressful situations. The DORO® LUNA and DORO® COBRA brain retractor systems are easy to set up, convenient to use and comfortable as a hand rest, supporting you throughout the procedure. Tilt, shift and angle the system into any position and you’ll still be able to use the curves as a hand rest & retractor arm interface.​

P3a RS Cranial Stabilisation


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