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ROWENA (Realistic Operative Workstation for Educating Neurosurgical Apprentices) is a state of the art neurosurgical simulator, providing a realistic, cost effective and accessible training environment for trainee medical professionals and practicing surgeons.


NEW - With the latest update ROWENA is now MR Safe and incorporates additional features:

  • A Transsphenoidal insert with full sinus anatomy & pituitary tumour
  • New head base with soft nose
  • Option of a brain with large ventricles, falx and tumours.


For more information, please see below or download our new leaflet. To speak to one of our ROWENA specialists, call 01782 637009 or send a message by clicking here.


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Designed by a practising neurosurgeon, ROWENA is a high-fidelity product for neurosurgical training simulation, available in both adult and paediatric variants. Its primary aim is to aid teaching of basic neurosurgical techniques and approaches in conjunction with common surgical instrumentation.

With changes in medical training and career structure, exposure to operative surgery has been dramatically decreased. Furthermore, many national training bodies have decreed that simulation should be an integral part of all surgical training programmes. Neurosurgery has lagged behind other specialities in this regard, in part due to the lack of suitable simulators. This is what ROWENA is designed to rectify.​


P12 - pic A&B
P12 - pic A&B
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P12 - pic C


ROWENA is a durable head base, featuring face, neck and ears with accurate internal skull base anatomy which now includes space for the Transsphenoidal module. On top of this is fixed a realistic cranium consisting of the skull vault (with accurate vascular markings in realistically textured bone) overlying scalp layer and underlying dura (complete with vascular markings). The latter two both ‘peel away’ from the bone with a realistic degree of adherence.​

The skull vault can hold a range of realistic brains offering different features such as enlarged ventricles, multiple tumours and flax. Each brain contains a fluid filled ventricular system for more advanced simulations. Both the cranial vault and brain are consumables which can be inexpensively replaced once operated upon to destruction. The head base is permanent.


P12 - Pic E


MR SAFE - there are no ferrous metal components making it suitable for both CT and MRI scanning. This feature enables simulation of a wide variety of procedures and operations; from head positioning to image guided ventricular catheter placement.


P12 Pic F Brain
P12b Neuro Simulation ROWENA case
P13a Simulation ROWENA


A range of adult and paediatric head consumables are available, either individually or in specific sets. Each ROWENAunit also comes in its own, custom designed travel case and fully illustrated IFU booklet written by Consultant Neurosurgeon, Mr Richard Ashpole FRCS. Click the PDF download icon to view our latest information leaflet. .


To speak to one of our ROWENA specialists, please call 01782 637009 or send a message by clicking here.

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