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In addition to aneurysm clips, Peter Lazic offer a range of Neuro & ENT Instruments.

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Bipolar Forceps

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Peter Lazic Bipolar Forceps feature a number of advanced design elements inc:

  • Non stick technology.
  • A wide variation of tips.
  • Guiding pin.
  • Ergonomic bayonet design.
  • Micro line, (for areas with limited visibility).

For full details of the Peter Lazic range of Bipolar Forceps, please click here.


Prime Punch

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The Prime Punch enables a better view of the operating field during surgery. Seven different positions between 90° left cutting and up cutting can be adjusted with this easily convertible shaft system. The “Security Stop” between position 7 and 0 prevents unintentional release of the shaft.

For full details of the Peter Lazic Prime Punch, please click here


L Line Micro Dissectors​

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The unique concept of the L-Line Micro Dissector range from Peter Lazic offers numerous variations:

  • Length: The length of the Dissector is adjustable at the touch of a button (from 170 to 240 mm).
  • Form: Bayonet or straight? With the bayonet insert the instrument can be adapted in seconds.
  • Variety: With more than 90 different working ends the system offers a broad range of hooks, dissectors right up to, and including diamond scissors.


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For full details of the Peter Lazic L-Line Micro Dissectors, please click here.

Diamond Knife & Rhoton Set

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​For full details of the Peter Lazic Diamond Knife & Rhoton set, please click here.


Memory Micro Instruments

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  • Memory Shaft - Shapes to coincide with anatomical needs / reverts to original shape after sterilisation.
  • Micro Working Ends - A variety of styles are available for different surgical approaches, all with delicate working ends for precise performance.
  • Cleaning - Built in flushing port for easy and efficient cleaning of internal components.
  • 360° Rotatable Working Ends - Hand controlled wheel ensures exact positioning of the working end. Rotation combined with malleable shaft offers unparalleled instrument positioning.


​For full details of the Peter Lazic Memory Micro Instruments, please click here.


L-Line Memory Micro Instruments

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The design concept of the L-Line Memory micro-instruments guarantees a high level of precision for micro-surgery. This is achieved with an innovative material technology – the shaft is malleable – and through a working end that can be rotated by 360 degrees.

Easy identification of the micro-surgical working ends is facilitated by the colour coding of the respective handle. This is one aspect that marks the well thought-out design of these instruments, with a focus on intuitive handling, ergonomics and balance.

  • Micro working ends.
  • Memory shaft (Nitinol).
  • Built in flushing port for ease of cleaning.
  • 360o rotatable working ends.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Colour coding for simple identification.

For full details of the Peter Lazic Memory Micro Instruments, please click here.

Lazic L-Line Ellipse Samurai Micro Scissors

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Lazic L-Line Samurai Micro Scissors are extremely sharp, designed to open the arachnoid mater / sylvian fissure while providing very fine and precise dissection.

The range includes three formats: Straight Handle, Bayonet Handle and Memory Shaft.


​For detailed information about each device please click here


Lazic Neuro Classic

Neuro Classic

The Lazic Neuro Classic Instrument collection offers a range of indispensable instruments for neurosurgery. Each has been developed with a focus on innovation, ease of use, functionality, ergonomic design and durability.

To see the full range, including scissors, needle holders, forceps, rongeurs and more, please click here​.

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Visit the Delta Resource Centre, where you can read & download more product details plus related information (including clinical case studies where available).​​

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