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NeVa® is a stent retrieval system that interacts with clots differently and far more effectively than older methods of recovery and recanalisation. It is engineered to capture all clot types including the most challenging fibrin-rich examples.

NeVa® has been designed with distinct functional zones which facilitate clot interaction, in order to capture, retain, and retrieve more effectively.

This provides higher 1st pass success, better recanalisation rates, reduced time to recanalisation, reduced distal embolisation and ultimately, better patient outcomes.

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Click the video to see how DropZone® 1st Pass technology could help improve your patient outcomes

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Up to 40% of thrombectomies performed on ischemic stroke patients result in clot particles escaping to distal or new vascular territories, often causing adverse patient outcomes.

NeVa NET devices incorporate a unique braided net on the inside of the distal end of the expandable tip.

The NET microfiltration reinforces NeVa’s capacity for retaining clot particles during the procedure, boosting physicians’ ability to achieve first pass success in recanalization and reperfusion of brain tissue for good patient outcomes.

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Click the video graphic to see how NeVaNET technology works to retain clot fragments




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Visit the Delta Resource Centre, where you can read & download more product details plus related information, (including clinical case studies where available).

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