Boz Absorbable Haemostat, All-Round Performance

The Boz range of absorbable haemostats can be used in the majority of surgical operations, developed to stop capillary bleeding, parenchymatous bleeding and recession bleeding.

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Absorbable antihemorrhagic haemostatic agents have been manufactured by Boz Medical for over 70 years and can be used in a variety of surgery including neurosurgery, orthopaedics, ENT, traumatology, cardiovascular and thoracic.

Each of the four products provide the following advantages:


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Boz haemostats are resistant against bacteria, incorporating bactericidal effects against 40 kinds of micro-organisms.

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The strong texture of Boz haemostats prevent ruptures during or after surgical interventions.

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Boz haemostats stop bleeding in 3-4 minutes and are fully absorbed within 7-14 days without any adverse tissue reaction.​












Reoxcel® has a sterile, light knit formation to help cover uneven tissue. It can be sutured and cut without any wear, has a durable structure and is designed to stop bleeding in capillary bleeding and parenchymatous organ bleeding.​​



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Reoxcel® Sigma Knit has a dense web structure, ideal where wrapping is required. It can also be laid, pressed, covered, or sutured to bleeding surfaces.

When in contact with blood, this haemostat creates a gel-like mass to promote clot in 3-4 minutes. This acts as physical structure where blood particles can stick and create a fibrine plate formation.

When used at minimum levels and with appropriate methods, it can be absorbed at implantation areas without tissue reaction. Absorption depends on tissue type, amount of haemostat and blood saturation level.




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Reoxcel® Fibril structure enables the surgeon to reach difficult areas while maintaining structure and efficiency. It is well suited for use in cavities and in endoscopic operations.​









Zeocel® absorbable haemostat is designed to stop other different types of capillary bleeding and control leakage based on tissue resection in any type of surgical operation​




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